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At BCN RESOL ODR SOLUTIONS we are specialist in conflict resolution through mobile, and B-resol is our solution.

B-resol, known as the Anti-Bullying app, is an innovative mobile application designed to give voice not only to the victims of Bullying but also to the witnesses. To bring Bullying cases to the surface and stop its devastating effects.

Through the phone, any student at any time and from anywhere, can warn of any given conflict between students at the school, providing with a single click, valuable information when it comes to treating and preventing bullying and cyberbullying in schools.

B-resol also allows schools to collect a range of data from which to better understand the cases of Bullying and conflicts of all kinds that occur between their students and can analyze their similarities and draw conclusions about the motivation of these cases and, therefore, on what is the best way to treat them and prevent them.


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But B-resol goes beyond this.

It incorporates a second functionality: a complete resolution process inside the app to solve any kind of conflict at School using a unique and specific method that implements Peer Mediation.

Not only the problem is solved, but the students learn and grow from the experience. If kids learn to deal with conflict and be part of the resolution, we shall have better adults and a better society.